Fuel Cell Engineer Career

Career Description:

A Fuel cell engineer works to design and create new energy products that can act as fuel. The most important point to note is that this fuel energy should be recyclable, environment friendly and produced through renewable sources of energy. Candidates who want to become fuel cell engineer should know various alternatives renewable and non renewable sources of energy know their advantages and disadvantages and develop innovative green sources of energy.

How to become a Fuel Cell Engineer:

To become a Fuel cell engineer, candidates should primarily be interested in energy sector and should be apply innovative techniques to develop new energy forms. They should have sound knowledge in energy sources and technologies, design thinking, mechanical and electrical engineering. They should be able to relate the advantages new and improved technologies with the green fuel cell sources.

Fuel Cell Engineer Career courses, training, programs:

Numerous career courses that can lead one to be an efficient fuel cell engineer are present. Students can utilize those opportunities to garner the skills to perform the job responsibilities of a fuel cell engineer well.

Fuel Cell Engineer Career schools/colleges, education:

Various schools, colleges, and universities teach courses on engineering, energy, and environment. All these streams should be combined to develop fuel cell sources that are environment friendly and energy efficient.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Kaplan University

Argosy University

University of Phoenix

Ferris State University

University of Michigan

Fuel Cell Engineer job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

Fuel cell engineers can work on a part time basis, full time basis, or freelance basis. The green energy sector is at an introductory stage but has potentially many opportunities. Candidates can work in any energy sector. Opportunities can be found in the government and private sector. The annual compensation of a fuel cell engineer in US is around $58,000 according to estimates by PayScale.

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