Functional Consultant Career

Career Description:

The role of a functional consultant involves working with the clients and helping them develop their computer architecture according to their business requirements. So the functional consultant needs to coordinate with technical consultants and interface with the customers directly. They should note the business requirements of the client and interpret them according to the computer application that the firm is ready to deliver.

How to become a Functional Consultant:

To become a functional consultant, candidates should preferably have a background education in computer sciences. However young management graduates are also hired for the role of a functional consultant. Those candidates who have at least 2-3 years of relevant work experience will find it helpful to get the job as a functional consultant in any top company easily.

Functional Consultant Career courses, training, programs:

There are many courses that are being provided by training programs that teach students courses in computers. The focus of the students should mostly be on the functional requirements. But the students are also expected to have the technical knowledge to be able to connect the functional requirements of the clients with the installed application in the firm.

Functional Consultant Career schools/colleges, education:

Many colleges and universities provide courses in management and computer sciences which students can choose and take advantage from. Some of those top universities and colleges are listed below.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Westwood College

Jones International University

North central University

Bryant & Stratton College

South University Online

Functional Consultant job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

There is no dearth of opportunities for candidates who want to become functional consultants and who possess the necessary educational experience and work qualification. Popular industries that are in the lookout for functional consultants are IT Services, IT Consulting, Software applications, business consulting, etc. Employers prefer candidates to have at least 3-4 years of relevant experience in the field. According to the salary estimates by Pay Scale and released through National Salary data, the annual compensation of a functional consultant varies from $41,000 to $126,000 with the median salary being $83,000 per year.

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