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Career Descriptions:

A gardener is a person who looks after a garden in the simplest terms. But his duties include a host of complex tasks. Gardening deals with growing plants. Therefore a gardener is responsible for growing plants of various kinds such as shrubs, ornamental plants and also trees. A gardener’s duties may include landscaping and the ground maintenance as well. His main work style may change with the change in the season as the amount of watering and other nourishment techniques may vary from one weather condition to another.

How to become a gardener

It is not always necessary for a person to be employed as a gardener. Some people take up gardening as a hobby and look after their own little house gardens. Therefore, one doesn’t need to be educated specifically to be a gardener. It is important to have knowledge of different kind of plants and methods to grow them in order to take up a job as a gardener. A good gardener should have extensive information about fertilizers and chemicals as plants need them to fight against weeds and insects. He must also be skilled to remove dead leaves, cut lawns and paint plant pots efficiently.

Gardener courses, training and programs

If a person is interested to become a gardener, but doesn’t have the required skills to do so, then he can always take up courses which deal with providing the needed education. There are training programs and practical courses spanning over different period of times to help one become a gardener.

Top 5 colleges/universities

Garden design school

Garden City Community College

Inch bald school of design

University of New York

University of North Texas

Gardener job opportunities, recruitment and salary

A gardener can have multiple job opportunities seeing the fact that every office these days has a separate place for a garden. The recruitment process is simple and the main thing one wants is experience in order to recruit a gardener. The salary to be earned is around $5000 per year.

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