General Accountant Career

Career Description:

The career of a general accountant has something to do with financial statements, taxation and other accounting activities.  It is his responsibility to prepare and analyze financial reports and documents.  He handles various documents such as balance sheets, income statements, and tax documents.  The general accountant is also tasked to monitor an organization’s cash flow.

He ensures that financial obligations, such as taxes, are paid on schedule.  This type of career requires one to have a strong background in math, communication and computer applications.  It is a must that a general accountant has good analytical and organizational skills.  With a career that focuses on supervising accounting processes, developing accounting strategies, implementing accounting systems and making financial forecasts, the general accountant needs to go through rigorous training and formal education.

How to become a General Accountant

An individual’s interest in numbers or math during high school may open a door for a career in accounting.  To become a general accountant, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting.  While a bachelor’s degree will typically help one land a position as a general accountant, pursuing a master’s degree or MBA will give one a better chance of getting an employment. Obtain a certification by taking and passing the CPA examination. While doing work as a general accountant, one may take continuing courses and be updated with tax regulations.

General Accountant Courses, training, programs

A degree program in accounting gives one a background in accounting theories, accounting processes, financial analysis, business taxation, auditing, business law and ethics, communication, information systems, and management.  The program allows the student to apply the theories learned in the classroom to be applied in practical situations.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Texas at Austin, Texas

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

University of Chicago, Illinois

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michigan

General Accountant Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A general accountant has an opportunity to earn $53,000 per year.  The salary depends on one’s employer, location, experience and benefits.  One has the option to work in large firms, government agencies or do private practice.

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