Genetic Engineering Career

Genetic engineers are those professionals who work with genes of human, animals and plants. Normally the number of years to study genetic engineering is very long so one should be really interested to opt for this field of interest and diligently study hard and work well. After studying genetic engineering many candidates also take up work in animal husbandry.

How to become a Genetic Engineer:

Candidates who are interested to become genetic engineers should get enrolled into four year courses from any of the accredited universities that teach genetic engineering. Most genetic engineers study chemistry, zoology, botany, biology, or other general sciences prior to their graduation. These fields can make you eligible to apply for further studies in genetic engineering. 3-4 years of doctoral degree post graduation is also a necessary course to become a genetic engineer.

Genetic Engineering career courses, training, programs:

There are many courses and training programs that teach courses in genetic engineering courses with real exposure in laboratories. Apart from that students should learn to have an eye for detail and good analytical skills.

Genetic Engineering career schools/colleges, education:

Various schools, colleges, and universities are present all over the United States that teach courses in genetic engineering. These programs equip students to deal with work responsibilities effectively.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Arizona State University

Penn Foster Career School

American Intercontinental University

Capella University

Sanford – Brown College

Genetic Engineering job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Candidates who want to become genetic engineers can find opportunities in popular industries like Research & Development (R&D) firms, biotechnology based companies, health care firms, pharmaceutical companies, etc. 48% of the candidates working in the United States as a genetic engineer have at least 1-4 years of work experience. According to the salary estimates of the Pay Scale and released through the National Salary data figures, the annual compensation of a genetic engineer ranges from $22,000 to $123,000 per year with the median salary being $72,000 approximately.

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