Geological Engineer Career

The geological engineer takes on a role in studying the earth’s natural resources to develop technology that will collect energy resources.  The tasks of a geological engineer include searching for mineral deposits, petroleum, groundwater, and metal. He is to develop strategies on how to use natural energy resources without compromising the environment.  He provides consultation for building various infrastructures through the natural habitat of wildlife.

He is to make sure that nothing is harmed.  The geological engineer is also tasked to give out reports about natural occurrences such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This type of career requires one to gain a geological-related background.

How to become a Geological Engineer

To become a geological engineer, one must earn a degree in geological engineering, environmental science or any other related field.  While a bachelor’s degree is enough for some career positions, a master’s degree is required for research positions.  A doctorate degree is required for positions in teaching.  A geological engineer must have with communication, computer, interpersonal, and research skills.  Obtain a license as required by the state.  Take continuing education courses to be updated with the latest trends in the industry.  Gain affiliation with a professional association as well.

Geological Engineer Courses, training, programs

A geological engineering degree helps one gain necessary skills and knowledge for this type of career.  The program covers various areas and a few are geological engineering field methods, mineralogy, geology for civil engineers, solid earth materials, surficial processes, sedimentation and stratigraphy, geophysical characterization of the earth, geological aspects of mineral deposits, earth systems engineering, applied geophysics, analysis of rock structures, quaternary glacial geology, terrain evaluation, paleontology, applies geology, applied hydrogeology, site investigation, and geological engineering design.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Michigan Technological University, Michigan

University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin

University of Nevada-Reno, Nevada

University of Alaska-Fairbanks, Alaska

Colorado School of Mines, Colorado

Geological Engineer Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A geological engineer has an opportunity to earn an average of $83,000 per year depending on the work location, employer, experience, and benefits.  Employment may be found in oil and gas companies as well as consulting firms.

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