Geotechnical Engineer career

Geotechnical engineer are those people who are the students of civil engineering. The kind of work they do is concerned with the study of earth materials or naturally existing materials. They deal with soil mechanics and rock engineering to do research on the evolution theories. Though this field is vast, but the main areas of their focus are evaluating site conditions, risk factors and stability of slopes and naturally existing sites.

How to become a geotechnical engineer

In order to become a geotechnical engineer, it is important for a person to have specific educational qualifications. Apart from the much needed high school education, a person compulsorily needs to do civil engineering. Since geotechnical engineering is a part of civil sciences, therefore there are separate courses which deal with geotechnical studies. Having done a Post graduate program in the study of rocks or geological materials, adds to the advantages for the applicant. One needs to be extremely patient to enter this field of work. Plus the applicant should also have a keen interest in Chemistry and Physics.

Geotechnical engineer courses, training and programs

If someone is interested in entering this field of work, then he should be skilled enough to understand the processes and formation criteria of existing earth related phenomena. There are several diploma courses which make one a skilled geotechnical engineer. Plus one can also take up training programs under experience geotechnical engineers to get through a good organisation.

Top 5 colleges and universities

Stanford University

Georgia technical university

University of California

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

North Texas University

Geotechnical engineer job opportunities, salary and recruitment

Geotechnical engineering may not be as popular and money extracting, but has a lot of significance. The success that one gets in this field comes over a period of time but the promotion scope isn’t too huge. The salary that a geotechnical engineer can earn each month is about $3500.

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