In a government accounting career you will be in charge of how taxpayers’ money is being collected and spent. You  \will be expected to help in budgeting tax payers money,  publicize funding for government projects, keep track of costs, audit financial accounts to ensure no fraud is taking place examine and prepare financial reports. You will ensure that taxpayers money is acquired and spent according to the law.  You will need to have a thorough understanding of the various laws of the State to properly carry out your duty as a government accountant.

How to Become a Government Accountant

You should finish high school. Take math especially calculus classes, if you intent to pursue a government accounting career.

You then need to study for four years to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

It will be advisable for you to become a CPA as well for improved employment opportunities.

To become a certified accountant, you will need a least two years working experience for a federal institution or a local agency. You will also need to have a bachelors degree in accounting and you will be required to pass a series of exams. An example of certification for government accountants is Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM).

Career Paths

You can choose to work for the local government, federal government or the state government as a government accountant.

GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTING CAREER Courses, Training, Programs,certificates.

You have the choice of pursing a Bachelors degree in accounting or auditing. You can also pursue a bachelors degree in public administration, or business, as long as you choose to specialize in accounting. You will need at least 24 semester hours in accounting classes in your Bachelors of accounting degree program. For advanced studies, you can undertake a masters degree in accounting or an MBA, both of these will allow you to pursue a government accounting career.

Apart from the entrance exams that will be administered by the college, you will need to submit your SAT and ACT scores. Due to competitiveness, you should have GPA score of at least 3.0. Your ACT score should have a score of 18 in math and 20 in English. You will also need to submit your high school transcripts.

Most certification online courses will not demand that you do entrance exams as a prerequisite for admission. But you will need to submit letters of recommendation from your high school career counselor and your high school transcripts.

TOP 5 Colleges/Universities

National American UniversityBriarcliffe CollegeCalifornia College San Diego

Berkeley College in New Jersey

Morrison University in South Dakota

GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTING Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimated that the starting pay for those in government accounting career was $28,000. If you performed well in college, your starting salary could start from $32,000. If you have a masters degree, your starting salary is about $ 43,000. If you are working for the federal executive branch, your salary can be as high as $81,000.

In a job search, you will find more job opportunities in government agencies, law enforcement organizations such as the FBI, IRS or government affiliated corporations.

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