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Government careers


Government careersare much in demand in the current times, especially as there is so much uncertainty and instability in the private sector jobs.  People are now looking towardsFederal Government jobsto give them the much needed stability.  Federal Government is among the largest employers in the country and employs about 2% of the total work force of the nation.

Government careers are not only open in a wide range of occupations, but also in many different locations, both nationally and internationally. Careers in governmentalso offer great advancement opportunities irrespective of your sex, color, race, religion or disability.

There are manytypesof Government careers, like Federal Government jobs, State and Local Government jobs, Foreign Service jobs, Civil Services jobs, etc.

Many of the Federal Government jobs are directly responsible for the lives of Americans and also play a pivotal role touching many facets of the day to day life.  From the groceries you buy to the weather forecasts you receive to the traveling you undertake thesepublic jobstouch every aspect of your life.

The number of opportunities for entry-level positions is great and one can directly access the information at is the official job site of the US Federal Government.

The pre-requisite qualification you require for a government job will vary depending on thecareer pathof your choice.  However, it is important to check official sources, to get the correct information.  The two sources you can rely on are the “The Book of U.S. Government Jobs” (10thEdition) and also the website  Both these sources can give you the required information.

Government careers offer a wide range of working conditions, as you have a choice of both white collar jobs and blue collar jobs.  The work life balanceis generally decided by the field of your choice.  You could be holding a white-collar job and working in office buildings, laboratories or hospitals.  On the other hand you could be holding a blue-collar job and working in factories or warehouses or air bases or shipyards etc.  Work-life balance is generally affected by the career path you take.


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