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Depending on the field of your work, the courses, training and certifications required may vary. Most departments and agencies prefer candidates who have taken some vocational training or who have at least some previous work experience.  Certain careers in government like fire fighting jobs may require you to pass a civil services examination.

It is important to keep yourself updated about the practices and procedures in public services, if you are aiming for top federal jobs. You can jump-start your career by undergoing some of the courses offered by private training institutes.  These certification programs can be undertaken online as well, and are designed to increase your skill-sets.

A number of Federal departments and agencies design their own training requirements and candidates have to go through this training to improve their skills.  Some of these courses can also help you to advance in your careers.  The training given could be through on-the-job training, or fellowship programs, or seminars, or workshops etc.

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) administers many training programs for the candidates.  It is run by the United States Department of Labor.  You can access more information about the various certifications and training programs conducted by visiting the official website:

Another place which can help you with more information about courses and certifications for government jobs is, which provides you with information regarding govt. education and training.

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