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Government careers offer a number of career paths, any of which you can choose depending on your requirements and qualifications.  You also have the option of choosing a full time or a part time job or take up job-sharing positions.  You can start acareer in governmentthrough any of the following paths:  Student Employment, Presidential Management Internships, Outstanding Scholar quota, handicapped, military dependents and veterans to name just a few.

For correct career guidance and right advice it is best to seek information from theofficial job siteshttp://www.fedjobs.comis the official website which provides all the requisite information regarding federal job openings and vacancies.  The “Book of U.S. Government Jobs” is also another reliable source of information.

While applying for government jobs it is advisable to apply for more number of jobs, as it increases your chances of getting through.  Forfederal govt. jobseekersit is imperative to submit afederal style resume, as only this is acceptable to the authorities.

Thesalariesin government jobs vary depending on the job you are holding.  In the recent times, efforts have been made to introduce a pay system which incorporates fewer but ‘wider pay bands’.  The earlier system of salary was linked to the grade, whereas the new system will be performance based instead of the number of years of service.  All these benefits make a career in government very lucrative and attractive.

The average annual salary for a full-time federal government job is not less than $70,000 per annum.  Federal employees enjoy the benefit of incentive awards in addition to the basic pay.  Benefits like health plans, life insurance plans which are partly offset by the Government, vacations and sick leave are some of the many benefits that government officials enjoy.


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