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The pre-requisite qualifications for government jobs are generally similar to that of the private sector jobs.  If you have chosen managerial or professional occupations, then you should have completed a four year degree program.  If you are trying for more specialized jobs like engineers, scientists, doctors, etc, then you would be required to have a Master’s degree or a Doctorate in the specific field.

If you are a high-school drop-out, then you may have to start as a clerk belonging to the grade 1 cadre.  If you have completed your high-school and have not undergone any further training or courses, then you would be starting as a clerk, but at grade 2 or grade 3 cadres.

Technically trained candidates may start off from grade 4.  The grade you start with depends on your qualification.  A bachelor’s degree will ensure you start at grade 5 or 7 on the career ladder.  A higher qualification like a Master’s or a professional degree or a Ph.D. can get you an entry at grade 11 or 12.

The Student Educational Employment Program is a good way of joining the government jobs.  These programs can give you an idea of the job-at-hand and later you can apply for a full-time career.   There are two components to this program; they are the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) and the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP).  You can qualify for these programs if you are studying for a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED).  On the other hand you can join this program even if you are studying for a vocational or technical school certificate or while pursuing a degree.

The schools, colleges and universities you attend will depend entirely on the career path you have chosen.  Since, the qualifications required for each job varies, you can choose the institution of your choice.  However, whichever course you opt for, the top five National Universities are:

Harvard University

Princeton University

Yale University

California Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Job Opportunities

The competition for government jobs has increased greatly in the recent times, because it is one of the few places which are still actively recruiting candidates.  Public careers offer job security and stability which are missing in the private sector jobs today, especially in these times of recession and lay-offs.

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