Grain Marketing Service Specialist Career

The career of a grain marketing service specialist involves management of inventory and marketing of grain.  The grain marketing service specialist is to conduct client calls, inform customers of the programs and services offered, maintain customer relationships, acquire new customers, and handle delivery schedules. He is to ensure accurate and efficient processing of all bookings, contracts, and pricing.  He is to provide information about the market, grower and competitor activities.  The grain marketing service specialist is to coordinate with the staff and management schedules and pricing as well.  With a career that revolves around marketing, one must have excellent skills in communication, customer service, organization, and analysis.  Aside from his marketing skills, he has to have a formal education, specifically in agriculture.

How to become a Grain Marketing Service Specialist

To become a grain marketing service specialist, one has to earn a degree in agriculture.  Gain experience and background in sales and marketing.  One has to be knowledgeable about the product one is going to sell.An individual aspiring for this type of career must have the skills to communicate and provide excellent customer service.  He must be equipped with the knowledge of marketing strategies as well as the ability to resolve problems. 

Grain Marketing Service Specialist Courses, training, programs

An agricultural degree will help an aspiring grain marketing service specialist in pursuing this type of career.  Through the program, one will gain background in the various areas of agriculture such as agriculture and natural resources science, fruit production, animal science, animal nutrition, soil science, meat and meat processing, landscaping, horticulture, marketing, poultry science, entomology, plant pathology, farm management, crop production, sustainable agriculture, weed science, plant propagation, and greenhouse management.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Texas A&M University-College Station, Texas

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Purdue University-West Lafayette, Indiana

Iowa State University, Iowa

Cornell University, New York

Grain Marketing Service Specialist Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The average annual salary of a grain marketing service specialist is $55,000.  The salary is dependent on the location of work, type of employer, experience and benefits.  Employment may be found in agribusiness companies.

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