Green Building Consultant Career

Career Description

Green building consultant career is a career which revolves around guiding and suggesting people who are architects, building contractors, building owners and construction engineers to help them make development in a way which is in accordance with the protection of environment and sustainable creation. These people have ample knowledge and skills to carry out the tasks which demand them to suggest proper ways of maintaining harmony with nature. That is why this career is called as ‘Green’ Building Consultancy

How to become green building consultant

To become a green building consultant, a person needs to have completed his graduation, most preferably in a subject like Environmental Sciences or Geology. Those interested in better job prospects and a high pay scale must go for a post graduate degree in a related field. The most important aspect though is the fact that one should be aware of the environmental laws and practices.

Green building consultant career courses, training, programs

Sometimes, undertaking diploma course in green building may get a person higher chance of making it big in consultation career. But once within the job, the training may be rigorous. Infact the initial few months on the job may be just training or internship in the company.

There are certain short term programs available in a few institutes which may also make an applicant the right choice for green building consultation job.

Green building consultant career schools/colleges, education

The colleges and universities who provide green building as a subject have to keep themselves in sync with the latest environmental laws and the new sustainable materials.

Top 5 colleges/universities

  • University of Rhode Island
  • University of North Dakota
  • Princeton University
  • Florida State University
  • Boston University

Green building consultant career job opportunities, pay/salaries

Green building consultant career is a career which has a huge growth scope. This field sees many bright opportunities since the concern of protecting the environment is increasing day by day. The salary one can expect is around $50000.

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