Gym Instructor Career

In a world where there are problems with health it is a good thing to know that there are people ready to help.  People suffering from obesity, body pain, diabetes, mental problems and injuries can now look into exercising their minds and bodies.  A gym instructor, also known as a fitness instructor, provides a way to motivate and challenge people to keep fit.  More than just ordinary stretches, a gym instructor will be able to teach one different techniques to keep one’s body in its ideal condition.

How to become a Gym Instructor

To start one’s career as a gym instructor it is best to devote time in taking fitness classes.  From there one can learn different techniques one is willing to apply.  It is a must that one is updated with the latest fitness trends and be able to answer common questions that students may ask.  Certification is necessary to get you into the job.  One can get certification from any fitness association.  Since some employers require gym instructors with degrees, an individual can get a bachelor’s degree in physical education or any related field.  Some disciplines, such as kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, also require certification.  One can choose one or more disciplines to teach.

Gym Instructor Courses, training, programs

Upon choosing a discipline or several disciplines, one can start getting trained for each.  There are many training programs available to improve one’s skill or skills.  It is best that one gets mentored in different gyms to be able to gain different techniques.  If one decides to take a degree in physical education or any related field, it would really help the individual to gain more experience and knowledge.  One’s training can definitely help him create a network of clients who are loyal.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Austin College

Bryan College

Coe College

Arizona State University

The University of Texas in Austin

Gym Instructor Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Carrying a big responsibility in his hands, the gym instructor’s career is indeed one fulfilling job.  One can work as an employee or as self-employed.  The salary of a gym instructor ranges from $18,000 to 40,874 annually.

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