Hair Stylist Career

A good hair stylist has the capability to develop and enhance their client’s personal appearance by dong hairstyling that complements their looks. Many of the celebrities and popular personalities have their own hair stylists and many sectors that are associated with glamour are in need of effective hair stylists. Being a hair stylist, the professional should also interact with the customer in a pleasing manner.

How to become a Hair Stylist:

To become a hair stylist, in most of the cases, a license is mandatory. By graduating from a reputed state cosmetology school, one can easily file for a license to become a hair stylist. Generally cosmetology courses are conducted after high school training. Associate degrees in hair styling lasting about 9 months are also popularly conducted.

Hair Stylist career courses, training, programs:

Students can rely on many of the training courses that provide courses in hair styling. These institutes are foremost in providing specialized course in this field of interest. Candidates should develop essential skills like effective interpersonal skills, cosmetology skills, etc.

Hair Stylist career schools/colleges, education:

Various schools, colleges, and universities are now focusing on specialized courses in hair styling. These courses are very well designed and taught with the help of faculty who have industry experience and with superior up-to-date technology.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Ball State University

University of Washington

Northern Arizona University

Grand Valley State University

Texas Tech University

Hair Stylist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Candidates who aspire to become hair stylists can search for job opportunities in hair salon, film industry, television industry, fashion designing companies, etc. The salary range of a hair stylist could be between $14,000 and $60,000 per year depending upon the number of years of work experience and the level of education. These estimates are done by Pay Scale after conducting extensive research in the United States. The median salary is $34,000 per year approximately.

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