Handy Person Career

Career Description

When one talks about renovation, repair, maintenance, or painting job the handy person comes to mind.  Performing these tasks takes a professional trained and skilled to do such jobs. A handy person takes on tasks in homes, apartments and businesses.  He is to do tasks like repair damages, clear drainages, maintain lawns, renovate properties, and do painting jobs.  Doing such duties and responsibilities requires one to undergo specialized training.  With this type of career one also has to be organized, efficient and is able to provide excellent customer service.

How to become a Handy Person

To become a handy person, one must get into training classes offering programs for repair, plumbing, refinishing, painting, and building.  One may take these classes from vocational schools or certain companies.  One may take more than one training course, depending on the individual’s interest.  Dig into reading resources or videos of home repair and improvement techniques. One may pursue to become self-employed.  Invest in various tools used for the various jobs one would work on.  Make services known to the public.  Obtain certifications and licenses required in one’s location.

Handy Person Courses, training, programs

Courses and training programs vary depending on the skills and specialty one wants to offer.  The initial skills required of a handy person include plumbing, electrical, heat and air conditioning, and carpentry.  Classes in plumbing include topics in bathroom installation, hot water systems, water regulation, energy efficiency, and other techniques in plumbing. Electrical courses provide courses in electrical installation, inspection and testing. Heat and air conditioning courses allow one to gain techniques for repair and knowledge of heating and air conditioning units.  Lastly, carpentry classes deals with various home repair and building projects.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Ohio State University, Ohio

University of Georgia, Georgia

Pennsylvania State University-University Park, Pennsylvania

Virginia Tech, Virginia

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minnesota

Handy Person Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A handy person may become self-employed or work in organizations specializing in construction, home improvement, home renovation, real estate property management, and building restoration.  One has the opportunity to earn from $21,139 to $79,596 per year.

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