Health Care Career Training

A health care career involves providing services to help treat individuals with injuries or illness and keep them healthy.  It includes diverse jobs in hospitals, private clinics, and offices taking care of a person’s health and fitness.  The passion to help others and save lives is a common motivation in this career.

Health care career training would prepare you to become professionals in the health care industry.  This is important to become competitive in the fast-growing industry.

How to become a health care professional

If you want higher pay and an advancing career, get health care career training through a degree in accredited medical schools and take quality higher education.  An associate degree is the minimum requirement, but this varies depending on the field.  Some jobs require Master’s degrees such as health administration.  Most employers prefer to hire those with a degree or certificate because the profession requires specialized knowledge.  You would usually be required to have on-the-job training, internship, and practicum.  In almost all health care positions, you would also need to get licensure and certification from professional regulating bodies and the state.

Health care professional types, Description, Information

You may have a career in health care in various fields such as allied health, counseling, psychology, dentistry, laboratory science, therapy and rehabilitation, dietetics, nursing, and medicine.  In clinics or hospitals, you may work as a nurse, radiologist, medical laboratory technicians, or medical assistant.  In offices, you may work as medical transcriptionist or health administrator.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

The courses you take would vary depending on the field you want to specialize in but basic courses include biology and chemistry with laboratory instruction.

If you need help in financing your education, you may work in rural or inner cities or contact clinics and hospitals that are short-staffed.  You can contact the Rural Recruitment and Retention Network and the National Rural Health Association which offers scholarship and loan repayment programs.

Schools, Colleges, Universities offering Health Care Career Training  Degrees

Health care career training is available in accredited colleges and universities, with some offering online study programs.  You need to be at least a high school graduate or completed GED to enter most schools.

Health Care Career Training Top Colleges and Universities

Argosy University

Kaplan University

Everest College

Sanford Brown College

Rasmussen College

Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

Because of an aging population, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 26 percent increase in health care jobs in the coming years.  If you choose to be employed in the industry, you can look forward to a salary range of $16,000 to $74,000.  The different job options would open a lot of opportunities for those with proper health care career training.

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  1. Michelle says:

    If i want to take a career as a Dentist, what subjects do i need to concetrate on that is at Ordinary Level and Advanced level or even University. Please guide me

  2. Dharmendra Bhatt says:

    I have complete training of first aid from st johns ambolance association .I want to join a hospitals for dresser vocational experience.

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