Health Policy Analyst Career

Career Description

A health policy analyst is one who provides analysis of costs and benefits of a health policy. Some of the activities that a health policy analyst is require to perform are analyze the policy, take into account factors that drive the policy, estimate policy amount, advice client regarding health policy etc. A health policy analyst even undertakes research in the health care segment to identify the various factors that help determine the health care needs of individuals in the community.

How to Become a Health Policy Analyst

A health policy analyst must have interest in community service. A bachelor’s degree in public health or health administration is essential. In order to get career advancement the candidate should pursue a master degree in public health, health administration or public administration. Even those candidates having experience in health care units can take up the profession of a health policy analyst over a period of time.

Health Policy Analyst Career Courses, Training, Programs

Many colleges offer programs that help a health policy analyst to acquire good knowledge about the health care technology and organizational behavior. The topics that are usually covered in the course include health system management, finance and insurance, health care programming and managerial accounting as well. This course structure helps a candidate to be prepared for a career in health research, health care or a government state job as well.

Health Policy Analyst Career Schools/Colleges, Education

There are many top rates colleges and educational institutions that provide very good courseware and training in US to the students. These courses are designed in such a manner that they choose dissertation and practical resident training modules that helps the student to obtain excellent grasp over the topics.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities

University of California-Berkeley (Goldman)

Princeton University

University of Iowa

Emory University

University of Southern California

Health Policy Analyst Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The average salary for a health policy analyst varies in the range of $45,000 to $70,000

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