Health Technologist Career

Career description:

A health technologist and technician have ample of responsibilities to manage in the health field. They have a variety of careers choices such as athletic trainer, radiologic technologist and technician, dental hygienist, EMT and paramedic, licensed practical nurse, lab technologist, nuclear medicine technologist, veterinary technician and technologist pharmacy technician, surgical technologist and ultrasound technician. The main task of a health technologist includes diagnosis and treatment of patient’s medical problems where they work with partnership with other health care suppliers. Their roles vary from taking x-rays to repair artificial limbs or performing cardiovascular procedures to monitoring heart rates.

How to become a health technologist:

The educational requirements vary for the occupation of health technologists and technicians in United States. In some section the entry level assistant positions only require a high school diploma, whereas some needs certification or bachelor’s degree or some position require only an associate degree as well. Based on their speciality, most of these health technologists require some licensure or certification.

Health technologist career courses, training, programs:

This course has a variety of specialties in which it’s each and every specialty has specific training levels. Some training programs last from 9 months to two years and in other they conduct training for one-year.

Health technologist career schools/colleges, education:

There are various good colleges/universities present in the United States that offer these health technologist related studies. Apart from offering diploma, certificate and bachelor’s degree, these universities also offer masters and doctoral degree.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Indiana Wesleyan University

Stenberg College

Brandman University Online

Intercoast Colleges

USC School of Social Work

Health technologist career job opportunities, salaries/pay:

A person becoming a health technologist and technician can expect a hefty pay package as these posts are quite demanding. The salary may vary according to the field, experience and other factors. On average, the salary is between $28,070 to $67,910 per annum. 

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