Healthcare Administration Career

Healthcare administration is a career that focuses on planning, coordinating, evaluating and supervising the daily operations of a facility.  A healthcare administrator may be tasked to manage the whole facility or oversee the operations of a specific department.  He is responsible for making sure that the policies and guidelines he had developed are implemented.  The facility is also checked by a healthcare administrator to make sure that it complies with specific government regulations.  The quality of service or care given to clients is fully dependent on how much the healthcare administrator trained his staff.  Another area of responsibility is managing areas of finance, budget and accounting.  With all these at hand, he must have knowledge of the healthcare industry, excellent communications skills and exceptional leadership skills.

How to become a Healthcare Administrator

Having the right background can give one a good start in pursuing this type of career.  Starting as early as high school will let one reap desirable benefits.  Focus on health sciences, math, accounting, and computer applications.  Having this background, one may pursue a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration.  One may pursue a master’s degree health care administration, public health or business administration.  An aspiring healthcare administrator must get a licensing examination and pass it.

Healthcare Administration Courses, training, programs

Healthcare administration courses and training programs includes the fundamentals of healthcare administration, health industry trends and technologies, healthcare roles and responsibilities, management, public health, business ethics and legal issues.  One has a chance to go through practical training and gain skills such as communication, leadership, problem solving, decision making and project management.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Sullivan University, Kentucky

University of Washington, Washington

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michigan

University of California-Berkeley, California

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Maryland

Healthcare Administration Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A healthcare administrator can find employment in hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics, nursing homes or health centers.  One can have an opportunity to earn $49,750 to $140,300 per year.  Financial rewards and advancement depends on where one works.  A healthcare administration career is a lot of work but it is definitely rewarding.

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