High School Career Aptitude Test

A High School Career Aptitude Test is a career counseling tool which helps determine the aptitude and interests of high school students, in order to determine the most suitable fields of study and majors for them in relation to their future career choices.

Why Take the High School Career Aptitude Test?

You should take the High School Career Aptitude Test if you are a high school student unsure of what to do with your life. This test could offer early career guidance to any student which could help them determine their aptitude and interest towards a particular field of study and work. The test is meant to help them determine their

Who Formulates a High School Career Aptitude Test?

High School Career Aptitude Tests are formulated by psychologists and other academic and professional experts. The test is designed while keeping the factors that high schools have to encounter, such as choosing the right majors that could affect their professional career.


The High Career Personality Test sources should be based on the following career development theories or tests.

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator
  • John Holland’s RIASEC Career Development Model
  • Frank Parsons’ Career Development Theory
  • Birkman Method

High School Career Aptitude Test: Method

A High School Career Aptitude Test is a quiz involving a few sections in which their verbal, numeric, visual, problem solving abilities and personality traits are checked, the answers to which are evaluated and the scores determine what professional career would be the most suitable for a student.

High School Career Aptitude Test: Impact

A test from a reliable source should be successfully able to determine the aptitude of a high school student towards a particular professional field, if only broadly. If the individuals taking the test follow the recommendations of the test properly, then it could help them take the right field of study for higher education, which should ideally play its role for the development of the right career that the person would be pursuing in the future. 

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