Horticulturist Career

Career Descriptions:

Horticulture is a field that deals with the cultivation of plants, vegetables, fruits and also flowers. Horticulturists are people who are employed for the purpose of propagation of plants and crops. They are involved with making advanced methods and ways through which genetic engineering and breeding becomes possible. They also work upon medicinal plants and decorative ones too. But not only horticulturists work on all these aspects, There are sub categories in this field such as arboriculture, landscape horticulture, floriculture and viticulture.

How to become a horticulturist

To work as a horticulturist for an organisation or company, one needs to have ample of experience in this field. In depth knowledge of all the parameters involved should be the main qualification of the applicant. Sometimes, people get employed without having any specific qualifications but it is always better to apply for this job after completing relevant education requirements.

Horticulturist courses, training and programs

There are several methods through which a person can become a horticulturist. Firstly, he should have completed his high school education successfully. After that there are several undergraduate programs available which focus on horticulture education. These courses last for 3 years and fetch you a Bachelors degree in most cases. Sometimes, one gets only a diploma certificate for completing a horticulture course. A person can also do Masters in Science as a PG course to get through this job position.

Top 5 colleges and universities

Auburn University

Snead State Community College

Lawson State community college

Antonelli College

Michigan State University

Horticulturist job opportunities, salary and recruitment

The field of horticulture is one of the most upcoming fields and is also money spinning. One can easily get through the recruitment process on having the apt qualifications and skills. Experience also counts in this field. One can earn around $1000 per month if he gets through a reputed company. On a small scale, one can get around $500 per month.

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  1. Mathebela Makwela says:

    Need a job as a Horticulturist, has Btech in Horticulturist



    I had completed my diploma in Horticulture, i would like know the Universities Offering Graduation Course in Horticulture in Distance mode if any

  3. im doitng my 1st year in honours degree in horticuture at msu zimbabwe and i always asking my self that wil i get a good job with this course im doing ? pls help me in ths question.does this coourse being recognised?

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