Hospital Administration Career

The career path to hospital administration is for people who have a desire to lead and serve at the same time. The hospital administrator holds a critical position of managing the daily operations of a hospital, clinic or health center.  He is responsible for recruitment, hiring and training of medical and office staff. He is to plan, create and implement policies and guidelines.  Evaluation of all staff, from the doctors to the clerks, is done by a hospital administrator to improve services offered by the facility.  He is also in charge of medical facilities and technologies used.  He makes sure that all equipment is of good quality and is updated.  In addition, the hospital administrator takes care of the business by handling and managing finances, budget and accounting.  With all these in hand, one has to equip himself with the right education, training and skills.

How to become a Hospital Administrator

A bachelor’s degree in health care administration, health management, health services and other related fields will help one jumpstart his career.  Earning a master’s degree in health administration can help one expand his opportunities in landing a position.  Securing a position in a hospital, such as administrative assistant, assistant department head, or department head, will help one gain the necessary experience to become a hospital administrator.  To be considered a hospital administrator, one must possess leadership, communication and customer service skills.

Hospital Administration Courses, training, program

Degrees related to health administration or management gives an aspiring hospital administrator the necessary background and skills required for the position.  It includes medical terminology and codes, health care policies and health law.  One is also equip with a background in business.  There are courses or programs in finance, accounting and management.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Sullivan University, Kentucky

University of Washington, Washington

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michigan

University of California-Berkeley, California

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Maryland

Hospital Administration Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A hospital administrator may work in different health facilities, hospitals, clinics and health centers.  He may be able to earn from $57,417 to $111,343 per year.

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