Hospitality Management Career

A career in hospitality management gives one a great opportunity to provide customer service and at the same time gain relationships.  Being a hospitality manager entails one to give excellent service to clients and guests, train and evaluate performance of the staff, and do administrative work.  It is in the hospitality manager hand’s where recruitment, organization, maintenance, and management lies.  A hospitality manager also takes care of marketing and promotions.  Moving up to a hospitality management position requires one to put in hard work and integrity in everything that he is tasked to do.  A willingness to learn more and be trained can earn one a position in management.

How to become a Hospitality Manager

To earn a position in hospitality management, one has to take a degree in hospitality management, tourism, or other related fields.  One may take courses or programs from hospitality schools.  One can also get an internship. One way of becoming a hospitality manager is to have ample skills and experience in personnel and business management.  It is a must that one has excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Hospitality Management Courses, training, programs

Hospitality management houses programs on leadership, communication, personnel and business management. Internships provide hands-on training and give one a view of what hospitality management is all about.  An aspiring hospitality manager is given the chance to hone not only his skills but character as well.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Denver, Colorado

University of Central Florida, Florida

Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma

University of Phoenix, Arizona

Le Cordon Bleu (multiple locations across America)

Hospitality Management Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A hospitality manager can find work at various workplaces.  One can work in a hotel, restaurant, casino, bar or café.  With this type of career ne can have a chance to travel and be employed overseas.  Being promoted to become a hospitality manager requires one to put on his best assets.  The knowledge and skills, which is earned from education, practical training and experience, allows one to earn from $35,000 to $62,000 annually.  Be a cut above the rest and secure that hospitality management position.

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