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Whatever your options are, a degree in Hotel management or related field will give you an in-depth understanding of the operation and structure of the hotel industry and its related sectors. You will gain business skills, for instance financial management, operations or strategic management, or even learn a foreign language. You will also be in a position to recognize and respond to the needs of hoteliers, hotel employees and management. In addition, your degree will enhance your IT, analytical and problem-solving skills.

How to Have a Hotel Career

To get started in the career of your dreams this practical guide provides a full overview of the job possibilities in your chosen hotel related field. With this knowledge, you’ll be confident to pursue a profession that makes you and your wallet happy. A career in hotel is realistically possible but you must have suitable training and desires. Bear in mind that it is not just your degree that determines your options. Many graduate openings don’t specify a particular degree discipline, so don’t restrict your thinking to one particular course.

During the course of your training, develop a wide mix of technical and subject-specific skills. Consider these skills developed on your training and through other activities such as volunteering, paid work, sport, family responsibilities, membership of societies, and leadership roles etc. Opportunities in Motel and Hotel Careers will assist you determine the right specialty for you, understand the daily routine of your field, discover the kind of salary you can expect for each job and acquire in-depth knowledge of the hotel industry

Types, Description, Information

Opportunities exist in hotels and restaurants, hotel graduates can also work in events management, food service management, catering, conference, entertainment and leisure sector. There are also hotel opportunities in hospitals, universities, transport, armed forces and in the public sector.

Your degree will be very useful in the following jobs: A concierge, retail manager, public house manager, executive Sous chef, event organizer, accommodation manager, human resources officer, a valet and as a tourism consultant

Courses, Training and Programs

Some of the courses you can do directly related to your degree include restaurant management, hotel management, catering management, fast food restaurant management, conference centre manager and Customer services management.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Some of the top colleges and Universities offering courses in the hotel industry include

  • Culinary Academy, Long Island
  • Westwood College (Online College)
  • The College of Westchester, Westchester
  • Vancouver Career College, Vancouver
  • Westwood College in Colorado

Job Opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment

Employers usually employ graduates to work in Small independent hotels, Motels, Large chain hotels, Inns, Budget hotels, Country clubs, Bed and breakfast establishments and hostels

The average pay in this industry is about $37,000 for assistant hotel managers. How much you earn depends on your experience, education and the employer.

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