Hotel Receptionist Career

A hotel receptionist is the person you see and approach when you enter into a hotel. This individual is responsible for answering queries, giving room keys, making guest reservations and doing a variety of other tasks in a hotel. To become a hotel receptionist, one has to fulfill many duties and responsibilities. This job requires one to like meeting new people, handling multiple tasks at the same time and good communication skills. The following is a detailed account of the career of a hotel receptionist.

How to become a hotel receptionist:

Anyone who is interested in becoming a hotel receptionist must have a general flair of talking with people and must also have a pleasing personality. To become a hotel receptionist, one must pass high school with a focus on English, mathematics and computers. A bachelor’s degree in any field, preferably hospitality is also a requirement.

Hotel receptionist career courses, training, programs:

At undergraduate level, one can pursue a general hospitality course from an accredited institute or college to be able to become a hotel receptionist in a hotel. One must also pass high school with good scores in English and Maths. General proficiency at computers and communication is also very important.

Hotel receptionist career schools/colleges, education:

There are many institutes and colleges which offer courses in hospitality and these courses help one learn all about the hospitality industry. One can further take a specialization to become a hotel receptionist.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Cornell University

Michigan State University

University of Nevada

Virginia Tech

Hotel receptionist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average annual salary that a hotel receptionist can expect to earn is around $35000. This figure can vary depending upon the level and standard of the hotel and the number of years of experience in the industry.  The job opportunities are bright in this field.

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