How to choose a career right for you

Career is one aspect of our lives that determines our definition of happiness. It is education and work combined that form a collective whole with satisfactory job, remuneration and standard living. It will be obviously difficult for an educated person to hold a simple job of a peon as that career would deprive him of his basic rights that he deserves to own like a suitable job, salary and benefits. Choosing a career is almost equivalent to job hunting as if any one of them goes wrong it brings a drastic deterioration in the pursuer’s life. However, it is not easy to decide a career compatible with the candidate’s interests.

The following key points must be remembered while taking any decision related to career:

  • Professional help will always serve as a useful resource to guide, teach and direct one while choosing his career as it is secured through formal procedures, administered and interpreted rightly.
  • Career must be chosen satisfying the psychophysical conditions like personal dispositions, values, temperament, emotional framework, personality, aptitude, skills, and other myriad factors.
  • Career may be chosen by recognizing the scope and limitations of the subject which one studies as that enables him to capitalise on the strengths of the subject and choose career in sync with the opportunities available in the market.
  • An objective introspection into one’s abilities and forte may help the candidate come to a decision about his career. The potentials may be enhanced and captured in the right field of work to experience palpable success.

Besides the basic requirements, location of the workplace, demand of the job, company visibility and some other factors create a difference while making the correct choice. Thus it is important to gather sufficient information about all the aspects of the career one zeroes in on before finally applying for it.

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  1. ABIOLA KAMORU says:

    i have a strong passion for teachingg career , and i love mathematics
    what are the steps needed to be a guru as a maths teacher

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