How to start a career as a Teacher

In order to start a career as a teacher, candidates need to take up graduation and post graduation studies in their preferred courses of study. They need to do a major or specialisation in the same and apply for teaching certification. Candidates should make note of the state wise requirements to start a career in the teaching.

There are also teacher preparation programs that are specially designed for candidates who have not done their post graduation and wish to become eligible for the position of a teacher. The following are some of the important requirements to be kept in mind while applying for a career as a teacher.

Points to be kept in mind while opting for a career in Teaching:

  • Candidates can start off their pursuit by enrolling into Bachelor degree programs like BS in Elementary Education, BS in Secondary education, Ed.D. in General Education, BS in Interdisciplinary studies, Graduate Certificate in College teaching, etc.
  • Teacher training and certification programs can be taken in parallel while undertaking graduation and post graduation programs or can also be done after completing these basic courses.
  • There are many areas that candidates should improve upon to become a good teacher. Some of those areas are child development, child psychology and grooming, teaching methodologies, child issues, etc.
  • State requirements make it mandatory for prospective teacher candidates to obtain licensure and certification to work as teachers in government schools. Private schools may have a different set of requirements and work specifications.
  • There could be examinations and interviews to screen prospective candidates for the position of teacher. Candidates should show passion and determination to teach the subjects to their students with care and encouragement.
  • Candidates can look for opportunities in National Education Association which is a body of schools and colleges to provide education opportunities to professionals and to groom young students towards a bright career.

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