How to Start a Career in Accounting

One of the promising career options available today is that of accounting. The big question is how to start a career in accounting? The primary role of an accountant is to apply accounting principles for analyzing financial data or information of an organization. Most accountants are responsible for the disbursement of salary to employees and payments to vendors although this is a very small part of the bigger picture. A career in accounting comes with a lot of responsibility and one needs to have working knowledge of different areas of finance.

So where can one start? The first and foremost step is to fulfill the basic educational requirements. Basic educational requirements simply mean that one has to complete a bachelor’s degree in accounting. As a part of the program, one can opt for economics, management, and taxation apart from accounting majors. This will provide an insight into varied aspects of accounting, finance, and their applications in different areas or industries.

The second step is to apply for certification, which is also known as CPA licensure. In order to get a certified public accountant (CPA) license, one has to take the CPA exam. In order to qualify for CPA exam, one has to show 150 semester hours of education in accounting. The only way to account for 150 semester hours is by completing both bachelor and master’s degree in accounting. Once CPA license is obtained, one can practice with a firm or as an individual.

The main reason for people opting for a career in accounting is because it is an integral part of finance and is at the core of every industry. The fact of the matter is that every organization big or small requires accountants. Hence, there is a wide range of opportunities available and is also considered to be a highly paid career.

The bottom-line is that a bachelor’s degree in accounting combined with CPA license can do wonders to one’s career in accounting.

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