How to Start a Career in Administration

A desk job with plenty of responsibility is how an administrative assistant would define their role. On the outside, the first impression of an administrative job is that of monotony but that is not the case. Yes! It is a desk job but it is also a great platform for growth opportunities. A career in administration will open the doors to something bigger and better.

As an administrative assistant or officer, one has several responsibilities towards the organization. Not only does one have to provide administrative support to marketing and sales but also handle several other areas like coordinating meetings and conference calls, collating statistical reports, creating databases, bookkeeping, mailing, faxing, and filing; creating records of organizational documents, among others.

So how does one approach a career in administration? One of the important criteria’s is knowledge of computers and applications. One should be computer literate and should be able to work on basic applications like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. The second important requirement is of basic education. There are two options to choose from:

a) Certification course or diploma in administration

b) Bachelor’s degree in any subject

These days, the requirement for bachelor’s degree has become almost like a mandatory requirement. After completing this program, one can also enroll for a 3-6 month basic computer course to develop skills in handling computer applications related to administrative job responsibilities.

The educational requirements are a necessity but one needs to also have certain personal attributes and other skills to pursue a successful career in administration. One needs to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, effective verbal and listening skills, high level of accuracy, and effective organizational skills. Effective time management, honestly, and sound work ethics are considered true qualities of an administrative assistant or officer.

There are plenty of opportunities for growth where a career in administration is concerned. It offers a level playing field and one can reach the level of administrative director depending on their performance and commitment to the job.

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