How to Start a Career in Advertising

Regarded as one of the most creative careers; advertising not only offers creative stimulation but also a rewarding career graph. A career in advertising can vary according to the strength area. One can choose to be a graphic designer and pursue a career in advertising. Those who have a flair for creative writing can start their career in advertising as a copywriter. The third option is that of sales and marketing and one can start as an account executive and handle existing or new client portfolios.

The only way to start a career in advertising is from the very bottom, which is as a copywriter, graphic or website designer. Growth in the advertising industry is performance based and those with high performance and 7-8 years of experience can easily reach the position of an art director or creative head in an agency. Those who want to pursue a career in advertising need to have the necessary qualifications in the desired field.

Those who want to pursue a career in design and development should ideally complete a certification course. Those who want to become graphic designers should complete a certification course in graphic and website design and learn the art of working in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. Those interested in animation should master the art of animation and 3-D designing in various applications including Adobe Flash, Maya, Autodesk, and SolidWorks 3D CAD solutions. Those who want to pursue development and programming should complete a certification course in various program languages including Java, C++, PhP, ASP .NET, Perl, and other frameworks.

The other promising area of a career in advertising is copywriting. Basically, to become a copywriter one can complete a bachelor’s of art with English majors or complete a degree course in mass communication. Since copywriting essentially deals with developing concepts and putting it in words; one needs to have certain inherent skills like flair for creative writing and thinking out of the box.

A career in advertising can be pursued not only in advertising agencies but also in media houses, Television Channels, online media agencies, and publications.

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