How to Start a Career in Agriculture

Although agriculture is a lucrative career option; there are not many who opt for it. Why? This is because most people have a misconceived picture of farming and agriculture. The truth is that agriculture is one of the few industries that have been in existence for centuries and is here to stay.

How can one begin their career in agriculture? Agriculture is a diverse area with several sub-segments. It is very important to first understand what can opt for and what is available. As a career option, agriculture can be divided into 4 areas of specialization, which are:

  • Food Science: Food science relates to harvesting crops for consumption. It is a discipline of applied sciences and those interested in this can start by accomplishing a Bachelor of Science degree in food science and nutritional biochemistry.
  • Plant Science: Plant science deals with the scientific study or plant life. It helps aspiring agriculturists in determining which plants can be grown in a particular climate and geographical area and how can they make a living from those plants. One needs to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in botany for the same.
  • Soil Science: As the name suggests, it refers to study of soil. This encompasses soil formation, soil classification and mapping, various properties of soil including fertility, and management of soils. In order to pursue a career in soil science, one can opt for a diploma in pedalogy or a bachelor’s degree in agriculture.
  • Animal Science: This area offers specialization in the study of biology of animals. This area of specialization is helpful for those who want to invest in farm animals or livestock. The best educational option is a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science.

Apart from the above specializations, one can focus on a simple bachelor of agriculture degree, which will cover most of the above specialization with more focus on soil and food science.

Today, almost every industry in the world whether the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, herbal industry, automobile industry and others are all connected in one way or the other with agriculture. Hence, a career in agriculture will always be a fruitful choice!

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