How to Start a Career in Analyst

A career in analyst is very data-centric. There are different categories of analysts depending on one’s choice. Analyst jobs are available in the financial institutions, banking, career launching, programming, and investment banking among others. The most important aspect is to decide which area to focus on. This will help in identifying the minimum qualification required to kick start a career in analyst in the specified area.

The two most important career options in analyst include financial analyst and management analyst. Let’s look in depth at the requirements to pursue a career in finance or banking:

  • Financial analyst: The role of a financial analyst is to provide guidance to investors in buying or selling of stock, bonds, commodities and other investments. They are also known as investment analysts or securities analyst. Most financial analysts work with banks, insurance firms, and other financial institutions. Financial analysts can transition into a different role of portfolio managers from time to time. Knowledge of working with spreadsheets and statistical software’s is important. Apart from this, a bachelor’s degree in finance followed by a master of business administration in finance can catapult one’s career.
  • Management Analyst: They are also known as business analyst and the primary job is to analyze relevant business or organizational data and prepare a report. Management analysts are also responsible for providing various business solutions related to the growth of an organization, current handicaps, and future growth prospects. The basic educational requirement to pursue a career in analyst is a bachelor of business degree followed by masters in business administration. One can also complete a bachelor’s degree in business and start their career as a research analyst and gradually grow within the company.

The future of analysts looks bright with the need for financial and management analysts growing by the day. A career in analyst will help one to not only grow within an organization but also help them to work on a global platform.

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