How to start a career in call centre

The career options provided by call centres is one of the best suited and growing option which even a fresh graduate can get into. With the emergence of IT and BPO industries, the influx of young graduates as call centres executives has improved drastically. Practically every business now needs a call centres to take care of customer concerns and resolve them. The following are some of the points to keep in mind if one is considering starting off a career in a call centre.

Points to be kept in mind while pursuing a career in call centre:

  • A call centre is a customer service centre with adequate telecommunication facilities, access to internet and a wide range of database. The services aim to provide voice based or web based information and support to customers.
  • To start off a career in a call centre, the candidate should be well trained in voice and web based communication skills.
  • Candidates can choose the sector in which they want to work in the call centre department. Call centres exist for many different sectors like banking, telecom, utilities, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, emergency services, hotel and hospitality management, etc.
  • There is wide range of opportunities for candidates with right set of skills and the career is both challenging and lucrative.
  • Call centres are one of the most important parts of a firm’s customer relationship management (CRM). So candidates should also know various other forms of communication like telephone based, email-based, etc.
  • The candidates working in the call centre industry face an influx of calls. So tremendous amount of patience and excellent interpersonal skills are necessary to carry out the tasks well.
  • Candidates should also have excellent customer service skills and should be patient enough to listen through various forms of customer issues and resolve them in a timely manner.

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