How to start a career in designing

Candidates who want to set up their career in designing can do so in several fields like interior designing, fashion designing, apparel designing, etc. It would be beneficial if students take up courses related to designing in their field of interest. Candidates who want to become designers should have a creative bent of mind and their designing or painting skills should be good. A designer works throughout a project with other engineers, designers, workers, supervisors, etc. to complete the project and a designer plays in important role to add value by improving the design of the product.

Points to be kept in mind while pursuing a career in designing:

  • There are many two to four year courses in designing that candidates can opt for to set forth their career in any field of designing.
  • Although a work experience is not mandatory, performing live projects or doing internships with recognised designers would provide an opportunity for students to strengthen their candidature.
  • The candidates who are interested in the field of designing would have to be able to draw and understand various kind of design, they need to be able to communicate and coordinate their work well with other designers.
  • Designers will have to understand the requirements of their clients and give a proposed design of the structure.
  • Designers should be able to explain and convince that their design will meet all the current and future requirements. They should be able to execute the planned design effectively.
  • The designer is normally associated with a project from the initiation and planning phase till the completion of the project.
  • Designers also need to keep themselves updated about the developments in their field so that they can always suggest the best possible and upgraded option to their customers.
  • The designer should be able to add significant value to the project which they are undertaking.

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