How to start a career in finance

To start a career in finance, candidates should opt for relevant courses in financial management, investment portfolio, security management and portfolio management, and other general business subjects. The interested candidates should display a proven interest in finance by working with banks and financial institutions. They should keep themselves updated about the general happenings in the national and international financial world. The following key points would be very beneficial for students interested to pursue finance in their careers.

Points to be kept in mind while starting a career in finance:

  • Candidates opting for finance should develop their basic understanding in finance right from their graduation level. There are bachelor’s degrees in commerce or bachelors of business management with finance as the specialisation that students can opt for.
  • Candidates should apply the theoretical knowledge in finance in their day-to-day dealings with the financial world. For example, they can create a virtual stock portfolio and deal with the ups and downs of the stocks.
  • There are opportunities to work in banks and financial institutions as interns. Such real life work experience adds tremendous knowledge to the student in terms of work pressures, deliverables, attitude and aptitude, etc.
  • Candidates should try and apply in financial services sector and work under professional financial business analysts like credit rating analyst, stock analyst, finance managers, etc.
  • There are enormous opportunities for good candidates in finance as there are continuous requirements of finance professionals who can drive the finance department with confidentiality and efficiency oriented towards business profitability.
  • Candidates who want to deal with the finance sector should know that for any business, the key thing to note is that the capital belongs to the shareholders. And it is the duty of the finance professionals to safeguard the interests of all key stakeholders.
  • Candidates should be ready to work for longer hours. They will get equally benefited in terms of compensation and benefits if they can drive profits for the firm.

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  1. Nokulunga nqwiliso says:

    Dear sir im a matriculant doing commercial subjects and mathematical literacy i would like to find out if there’s a possibility for i to be in the financial management career due to my maths plz help thank you by nokulunga nqwiliso

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