How to start a career in HR

To start a career in HR candidates should be educated in human resource management and should have inclination towards human resource department and managing employee relations with the company. There are other administrative activities that also come under the purview of the human resource professional. Candidates who would like to work as an HR professional would be expected to possess excellent communication skills and be good at building long term relationships for meeting business ends.

Points to be kept in mind while starting a career in HR:

  • Starting a career in HR would need to candidates to possess knowledge in human resource management like training and development, recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, handling interviews, employee retention, etc.
  • Candidates can choose the specific stream of human resource in which they want to be in and contribute in the firm.
  • There are many business schools that teach courses in HR as specialisation. These courses are known for their up-to-date coursework, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • Candidates should be good at balancing the interests of the company and the employees. Candidates who are in the human resource management are mainly deployed to engage employees with the training and development activities, help them grow in the organization, conduct their appraisals, and provide them with adequate compensation and benefits.
  • Candidates can easily gain the entry level positions in HR by completing their graduation. However completing their post graduation would ensure that candidates would increase their demand and earning capability.
  • Candidates can take up courses in human resource management through part time or distance learning courses. These courses equip students with all the courses to enable the candidates to execute the job responsibilities well as an HR professional.
  • Candidates would need to develop their communication skills and negotiation skills in order to manage the interests of various parties.

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