How To Start A Career In Insurance

How to start a career in insurance industry is what many aspiring executives would want to know. After all, the insurance industry is considered as one of the largest industries in the world catering to over a million people worldwide. In the US alone, 210,367 people have been employed by the insurance industry and 51% of the workforce comprises of women. The insurance industry also offers a whole world of opportunities for talented, smart, focused, and high-caliber graduates. The growing areas of the insurance industry include medical and health insurance although there are a number of other areas that you can pursue as a career in insurance. Some of these areas include auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, agricultural insurance, and much more.

There are certain steps that you need to follow in order to start your career in insurance. The two primary steps are:

  • Field: It is very important to identify in advance what part of insurance industry you want to associate with. This basically means that you need to identify, your role in the insurance industry, the capacity you want to work in, the aspect of the industry you want to specialize in. You can opt for office and administrative support, which includes bookkeeping, accounting, policy processing, or auditing. The second option is business, management, or financial operations, which include marketing, sales, claim examinations, damage appraisals, insurance investigation, and underwriting. The third option is sales related and in this field, you can pursue your career starting as an insurance agent.
  • Education: Completing the right education is necessary to pursue a career in insurance. You need to complement your educational requirement based on the chosen field. For example: if you want to enter into office or administrative support then your educational choice should be an undergraduate degree in finance, accounting, or economics. If you want to enter as a sales agent then an undergraduate degree in any discipline will be good enough. It is hence important to weigh your options before you take the first step towards insurance career.

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