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HR careers

The strength of any organization lies in its employees.  The Human Resource department or HR as it is popularly termed is responsible for recruiting people best suited for the jobs in any workplace.  This is only one aspect of their job description.

Today, Human Resources departments enjoy a crucial role in the strategic planning of big and small companies.  More and more companies now realize the importance of hiring the right candidates.  Increased productivity and loyalty are two of the main reasons.  As switching jobs has become a norm for many employees, companies now look for ways to hire the right candidates who will be more loyal.

You can become a part of the HR industry if you have a bachelor’s degree.  The pre-requisite qualifications are different for different organizations.  However, a graduation in Human recourses or human recourse administration is much sought after.  A combination of courses works best for a career in HR, as employers give preference to candidates who have inter-disciplinary qualifications.

The type of HR jobs you get depends on your experience and specialization.  Whereas in a small organization, an HR person is expected to don many roles, in a big firm, the duties are more specialized.  Some types include, employment; compensation and perks; training and development; labor issues etc.

The job description of HR people includes various responsibilities.  The most obvious is hiring and terminating the duties of employees, formulating policies for the benefit of employees as well as organizations.  Other duties include solving any disputes, or handling legal issues, drawing up training programs for employees etc.  HR personnel also actively contribute in drawing up compensation and performance based hikes of employees.

If you are looking at a career in HR then, you must have certain personal qualities, which are mandatory for these jobs.  You must be a ‘people’s person’, have good interpersonal communication skills, must be able to work with people from different cultural, educational and racial backgrounds.   It is also imperative that you must be able to work under pressure, be unbiased in your judgments and have unquestionable integrity and finally, discretion should come naturally to you.

The job outlook has various facets and people with different skills and qualifications can find work here.  With many companies involved in either mergers or takeovers, HR departments are playing a crucial role in keeping the best employees on board.

The work schedule of most HR people involves a standard 40 hour work week.  Though many HR people work out of office, sometimes you may have to travel to college campuses or to other places when hiring or negotiating.


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