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The HR recruiter has the prime responsibility to manage each and every kind of recruitment related facet of the company. He/she has to put the focus on short-listing of the candidates, conducting the written exams and interviews and selecting the successful candidates. The job allocation scenario within the regulatory framework of the company is overseen by the HR recruiter. The efficiency of a company’s work force depends a lot on the expertise of the HR recruiter. The HR recruiter also aims at optimizing the recruitments costs of the company by planning and executing relevant strategies.

How to become an HR recruiter:

In order to become an HR recruiter, it is necessary to have keen interest in the field of human resources. The person should complete his/her under-graduation in human resource management or in a subject similar to this genre.

Doing an MBA with specialization in human resources is arguable the best option that a person can choose for the purpose of increasing scope of being recruited by the top companies.

Courses, training, programs:

The courses are extensive in nature that focuses on human resource management. Along with the details of management studies, the modules also teach the legalities of the applications.

The training is uniquely tailor-made by eminent experts to suit the industry needs.

HR recruiter career education, schools/colleges:

The schools and colleges are of top class that provide ample knowledge to the students and guide them aptly to their desired goals. The facilities have excellent standards and the teaching staffs are very helpful to make the students approach a certain problem with an innovative attitude.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

University of California, Los Angeles

Michigan State University

New Jersey State University

New York University

Syracuse University

HR recruiter job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The companies employ the HR recruiters to run their businesses. Many consultancies employ the HR recruiters to develop a strong workforce. The starting salary is around $65,000/annum exclusive of incentives.

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