Hydroelectric Plant Technician Career

Career Description:

A Hydroelectric plant technician is one who takes orders from hydroelectric production manager and works in the hydroelectric plant to convert the power of water from dams and waterfalls to electricity for use in various domestic purposes. Since electricity is a diminishing resource, there is an urgency to produce it through renewable sources of energy. Therefore electricity from wind, water, sun, etc are emerging fields of technology where a lot of innovation is expected to come up in the future.

How to become a Hydroelectric Plant Technician:

To become a hydroelectric plant technician, students should take up engineering courses in streams like mechanical, electrical, etc. Candidates should focus more on detailed concept of applications as their work will involve working with equipments needed for conversion, modify or upgrade them with superior technology and test and detect for repairs.

Hydroelectric Plant Technician Career courses, training, programs:

A variety of training programs are available for students who wish to pursue career as a hydroelectric plant technician. Candidates can become skilled at the required job requirements and progress to make their career successful.

Hydroelectric Plant Technician Career schools/colleges, education:

Various colleges and universities are available throughout in the United States that provide you with the streams that can make students adept at the job. Candidates should focus on getting experience in hydroelectric firms. So internships and live projects can be very useful.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Kaplan University

North Central University

Argosy University

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Eastern Kentucky University

Hydroelectric Plant Technician job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

The field of hydroelectricity is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years. So the demand for technicians in this field will certainly grow. According to the national survey data which is the result of extensive research by PayScale, the hourly rate is in the range $10.30 and $27.15. This equals to an annual compensation of $23,000 to $56,000 with the median being $35,000 approximately.

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