Hydroelectric Production Manager Career

Career Description:

A Hydroelectric Production Manager employs a team of people to work under him or her and produce electricity with the power of water from dams or waterfalls. The objective of the team is to produce the maximum amount of electricity in the lease possible time with minimum breakdowns and other problems while also complying with all relates safety procedures. A Hydroelectric Production manager oversees the responsibilities of those under his team and also of the operations of hydroelectric power generation.

How to become a Hydroelectric Production Manager:

To become a Hydroelectric Production manager, students need to get enrolled in mechanical, electrical, or chemical engineering and complete the coursework successfully with good grades. A few years of relevant work experience would be considered extremely advantageous. Candidates should possess all the relevant technical and managerial skills needed to carry out the responsibilities well as a hydroelectric production engineer.

Hydroelectric Production Manager Career courses, training, programs:

Various training institutes, colleges, and universities provide courses in different branches of engineering like mechanical, electronic, electrical, chemical, etc. Candidates should focus on improvising the testing and detection methodologies to identify any operational difficulties. These skills can also be developed by undertaking live projects in hydroelectric companies.

Hydroelectric Production Manager Career schools/colleges, education:

There are various colleges and universities that provide education on hydroelectric power. Some of them are listed below. They provide both functional and technical training on hydroelectric production. They add up courses like environment and other management topics to make the students suitable to take up the role of a Hydroelectric Production Manager.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

University of Maryland

Santa Barbara City College

Mace University

Walden University Online

Colorado Technical University Online

Hydroelectric Production Manager Job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

National Salary data estimates by PayScale.com shows that the annual compensation of a hydroelectric production engineer is around $30,000 to $90,000 per year. Opportunities can be found in both government and private hydroelectric sector.

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