Industrial Management Career

An industrial management career refers to those positions where one is in charge of handling all the responsibilities at a factory or production unit and coordinate between the different departments so that there is smooth flow of operations. He needs to see that the equipment is safe, employees are following company protocol, production target is met and all activities are conducted within the budget.

He must use his communication, leadership and organizational skills to makes sure the goods are produced on time and also come up with strategies that will boost the production at the manufacturing facility. They should be able to multitask and negotiate with the factory workers if there is any conflict.

How to become an industrial manager:

In order to become an industrial manager one must get a degree in engineering or business management or both. You should remain calm under pressure and have good analytical skills. In-house training is provided by the company to familiarize him with the organization’s techniques and objectives.

Industrial management career courses, training, programs:

One must have a 4-year undergraduate degree in subjects like business management, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, business administration and some of them even opt for certification from the Association for Operations Management which offers a Certified in Production and Inventory Management credential, which must be renewed every three years.

Industrial management career schools/colleges, education:

There are many colleges and universities in the US which provide the required training and skills needed for this job.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Stanford University

Cornell University

George Washington University

Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Industrial management career job opportunities, salaries/pay and recruitment:

The job outlook is steady and one can expect to get an average salary of $80,000 per year along with bonuses and compensation. They also get paid for overtime services and the salary may go up if the company profits more.

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