Inspection Engineer Career

An inspection engineer is a professional who uses engineering skills to inspect structures such as buildings, bridges, equipment, and pipelines. The inspection engineer is responsible to ensure that all different types of structures are safe and are functioning properly. He also makes engineering plans and blueprints by using tools and other equipment to measure, test, and evaluate the structures.

How to become an Inspection Engineer:

Candidates who would like to set their career as an inspection engineer should take up engineering during their Bachelor’s degree education. They should learn different types of structures that inspection engineers inspect. Other traits that employers look forward to are ability to make engineering plans and ability to design engineering blueprints.

Inspection Engineer career courses, training, programs:

Students can rely on many of the training courses that provide courses in engineering. These institutes are foremost in providing specialized course in this field of interest where they teach different monuments and structures and how to inspect them flawlessly.

Inspection Engineer career schools/colleges, education:

Various schools, colleges, and universities are now focusing on specialized courses in inspection engineering. These courses are very well designed and taught with the help of faculty who have industry experience and with superior up-to-date technology.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

University of Alaska

Penn Foster Career School

New England Institute of Technology

Northern Arizona University

University of Washington

Inspection Engineer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Various job opportunities to work as inspection engineers can be found in manufacturing and distribution firms, steel and metal manufacturing firms, aerospace manufacturing firms, medical device manufacturing, commercial aircraft, military and space systems among others. According to Pay Scale estimates, the annual compensation of an inspection engineer can range between $21,000 and $60,000 and the median salary could be $41,000 approximately. These estimates are taken after conducting extensive research in the United States on the salaries being paid out to various professionals.

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