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The Institute of Business and Medical Careers (IBMC) is a center for training and support for an individuals looking for careers in business, legal and medical profession.  It has four campuses located in Colorado and Wyoming.  The Fort Collins Campus, Cheyenne Campus, Greeley Campus and Longmont Campus provide the necessary facilities for learning.  Aside from classrooms or lecture rooms, the campus houses medical and computer laboratories, resource and research centers, and student lounges.  Each campus provides certificate, diploma and degree programs. IBMC is an accredited school to give out training programs and courses.

How to become a Business and Medical Professional

To become a business and medical professional, one must choose what field he wants to pursue. Whether it be an assistantship, administration, medical, accounting position, it is necessary to take subjects that give one the necessary background and skills.  One must pursue a course program from an accredited school or institution.  The Institute of Business and Medical Careers will give the student the guidance and preparation necessary in pursuing one’s chosen career path.

Business and Medical Courses, training, programs

The programs available are for those aspiring careers in business administration, accounting, administration and medical assistantship, medical billing and coding, paralegal, pharmacy technician and therapeutic massage.  With the facilities in The Institute of Business and Medical Careers, the student will be able to gain academic background and practical training.  The institute helps an aspiring business or medical professional rapidly start his career through their specially designed programs.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Other colleges/universities providing business and medical courses include:

University of Chicago, Chicago

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Stanford University, California

University of Pennsylvania

Columbia University, New York

Business and Medical Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A professional obtaining business or medical background/degree has a wide range of career opportunities in various industries. A business professional may find employment in various private or public organizations. On the other hand, a medical professional may find work in hospitals or healthcare facilities.  A business and medical professional may earn from $36,772 to $57,521 per year.  Career advancement depends on one’s educational background, skills and experience.

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