Instrument Technician Career

Career Description:

The career of an instrument technician covers running manufacturing equipment tests, inspection, adjustments, maintenance, and recording.  Different instrumentation units are tested for accuracy and efficiency.  These include gauges, meters, indicators and counters.  The instrument technician makes sure that these instrumentation units are working and replace those that are defective.  When repairs and replacements are made, the instrument technician has to make a report and draw out a schematic diagram.  The instrument technician also takes care of installation of new devices.  Aside from these, the instrument technician handles trainees and make sure that they are fully equipped for the job.  An instrument technician must have excellent problem solving, analytical, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

How to become an Instrument Technician

To become an instrument technician one has to finish high school or GED.  One must then pursue an associate’s degree in instrument technology.  A degree will help one gain employment in this type of career.  Get an employment in an entry-level position in various industries. Employers provide on-the-job training that would help a newly-hired employee cope up with the demands of the job.  Obtain certification through various associations or organizations such as the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.  To gain advancement in this field, one must earn a bachelor’s degree and obtain continuing education programs.

Instrument Technician Courses, training, programs

A degree program in instrument technology allows one to gain background in electrical systems, electrical code, electronics, circuitry, calibration techniques, instrument reading, robotics, algebra, trigonometry, programming and logic.  A student has the opportunity to learn all these through training equipments and school facilities.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Excelsior College, New York

Sowela Technical Community College, Louisiana

Perry Technical Institute, Washington

Lamar Institute of Technology, Texas

Lee College-Baytown, Texas

Instrument Technician Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An instrument technician earns an average of $42,319 per year depending on the location, employer, education and experience. One may work in various industries such as medical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and engineering.  Advancement from the position of an instrument technician towards a senior level position requires one to obtain the necessary certifications and formal education.

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