Insurance Administrator Career

Career Description

The role of an insurance administrator is very important for the day-to-day functioning of any insurance firm or insurance agency. The role of an insurance administrator is primarily to get the insurance applications from the clients, review them for completeness and authenticity, conduct necessary procedures for extending insurance to the client, and process the applications by getting it approved by the higher authorities.

How to become an Insurance Administrator:

To become an insurance administrator, candidates should at least have a graduate degree in insurance or related field. Candidates should do Bachelor’s degree in preferably finance, accounting or insurance. Then they could process to do a higher specialized education in insurance which would definitely add to the knowledge and act as an added advantage during the selection process.

Insurance Administrator career courses, training, programs:

Students can take up from a range from career courses and training programs that provide education in banking, finance, and insurance. These training programs help the students in gaining the necessary knowledge in order to become a successful insurance administrator.

Insurance Administrator career schools/colleges, education:

A variety of colleges and universities in the United States teach courses in insurance that are aimed at making them able insurance administrator so that they can carry their roles and responsibilities well as an insurance administrator.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Baker College Online

Liberty University

Virginia College

Bryant & Stratton College

DeVry University

Insurance Administrator job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Those students whose goal is to become an insurance administrator should focus on gaining the relevant educational background and work experience. Popular industries that are in the lookout for good insurance administrators are insurance firms, health and life insurance companies, commercial insurance firms, insurance carrier firms, etc. The salary of an insurance administrator ranges from $21,000 to $68,000 per year with the annual median salary being $46,000. This data is extracted from the Pay Scale website that has undertaken salary research in the US and published their results on the National Salary data.

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