Insurance Appraiser Career

The insurance appraiser plays a very important part in the settlement of claims.  It is the job of the insurance appraiser to inspect and evaluate the damage on automobiles, estimate and determine repair cost, determine the parts needed for the repair, coordinate with the adjuster, and prepare monthly reports on appraisals and inspections.  With this type of career, one must have skills in communication and organization.  Having formal training and education in auto body repair allows an insurance appraiser to make accurate appraisal values.  Newly hired appraisers are assigned to handle small claims under the direction of a supervisor.  Gaining much experience and familiarity with the ins and outs of claim settlement allows one to be assigned to larger and complex claims.

How to become an Insurance Appraiser

To become an insurance appraiser, one must at least earn a two-year program in auto body repair.  Gain relevant experience in estimating. An aspiring insurance appraiser must also have the knowledge and skills to repair vehicles.  Acquire pre-licensing education to obtain a license and an ASE certification.  Licensing requirements vary from state to state.  To maintain one’s license, he has to take continuing education courses.  Continuing education also helps one become updated with the new trends, developments and techniques.

Insurance Appraiser Courses, training, programs

An auto body repair program allows an aspiring insurance appraiser gain the much needed knowledge and skills. Through the program, one gains background in paint preparation, auto body specialization, alignment of breaks, auto body detailing, welding, collision repair, auto boy materials application, and air-conditioning.  The student not only gains knowledge but practical skills as well.  Hands-on learning is provided through the program.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Lincoln Technical Institute (Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island)

WyoTech (California, Florida)

Penn Foster School (online learning)

Ashworth College (online learning)

Stratford Career Institute (online learning)

Insurance Appraiser Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An insurance appraiser has the opportunity to earn from $36,757 to $71,267 per year depending on the work location, employer, experience and benefits. Employment may be secured in various insurance companies and independent adjusting firms.

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