Insurance Auditor Career

Career description:

The insurance auditor is one who either works for insurance companies or are independent contractors under different organizations. This job specifically deals with reviewing insurance organizations’ terms and policies in order make certain that the premiums that are paid to the companies are in accordance with the actual exposure to loss. This varies as per the policies offered. The organization that is audited should be able to provide the required documents which are the worker’s compensation policies and the liability policies. Generally, the insurance auditors prefer joining the National Society of Insurance Premium Auditors and other such professional associations.

How to Become an Insurance Auditor:

Candidates interested in becoming an insurance auditor must be able to complete their bachelor degree in any insurance-related subject. This is not a compulsory criterion but helps in acquiring entry-level jobs.

Sufficient education and training in college helps in gaining interpersonal skills which is necessary for communication with different clients.

Insurance Auditor careers, courses, training, programs:

Insurance auditor aspirants must take up internships, offered by insurance firms, while in college which can be helpful in gaining experience and will give the candidate an edge during employment. One should also join an accredited national organization as well as learn auditing under a senior auditor for three years.

It is important to complete the Associate in Personal Insurance program and the Certified Insurance Premium Auditor program for in-depth professional knowledge.

Insurance Auditor schools/colleges, education:

Acquiring a bachelor’s degree within the relevant field helps the candidate understand the basic and internal workings of insurance and auditing.

This can be further strengthened by pursuing a master’s degree and gaining advanced theoretical and professional knowledge about insurance policies and its various components.

Top 4 Colleges/ Universities:

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. University of Texas
  3. University of Washington
  4. Oregon State University

Insurance Auditor Job Opportunities, salaries/pay:

Insurance auditors working on contractual basis have more opportunities than those working as registered employees in certain organizations. However, the average salary in either case is about $61,000.

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